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Sustainability – a way of life

Our focus is on changing perspectives and working together to understand the impact of human consumption.

Our Eco-Board is made in Cape Town and uses recycled paper turned into a strong, lightweight board with “sustainability” in mind.

Besides ecological benefits, the trend leading designs also speak to financial sustainability.
• Re-usable / after the initial purchase, these units belong to you and can be re-used at your own discretion.
• Lightweight and flat packable / up to 15 boards all fit in a single storage case protecting your structures when in transit and storage. This storage case will fit on a “bakkie” or small commercial vehicle, saving space and loads on transport fees.
• Re-brandable / Artwork outdated? No problem, re-brand your structure to get the lengthiest lifespan out of your structures.
• Easy to install / a simple nut and bolt system is used or sometimes a hot little glue – this means that no Specialised labour or tools are needed, leading to even MORE savings.
• Recyclable – When your structure has had a busy life and is ready to be discarded, this structure will be recycled and go back into the market as let’s say the brown cardboard roll in toilet paper

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