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Honey Badger Consultants is a solo event permitting project by Phill Waugh.

As its name sake states, the African honey badger has a reputation for being pound for pound, Africa’s most fearlessly tenacious little critter despite its small size!

Honey Badger aims to deliver determination, tenacity, focused – result driven performance, powered by over 12 years of experience in many aspects of the South African event industry.

As you should be well aware, in current times the need for event permits has become a must. Not just to have a permit, but to have it done right! I understand the need to meet and adhere to the ever evolving regulations pertaining to our beloved event scene in the Mother City and surrounds. As the winds of change are constantly blowing, so do the needs of event promoters & organisers.

My services and coverage are by no means limited to Cape Town; currently relationships are in place with municipalities from here to Montague and everywhere in between!

While I do understand that the rather arduous event permit regulations may seem an insurmountable obstacle at first. Finding ways to move forward regardless of the obstacle, while meeting every requirement and request by your local Municipal Council to get you your permit is what I do!

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