Double Barrel Co

Western Cape

For thousands of years, the barrel has been revered as a coveted container and symbol of strength and efficiency. Likewise, we see our team of confident, hardworking staff as the perfect expression of what our company – Double Barrel and Staffing Co. stands for.

We took to the desert to find our true passion. We moved swiftly through the finely powdered sands of the Namib to quench the ultimate thirst.

We embarked on rigorous journeys to reach our pinnacle. It took 5 long days of rapid weather changes, determined steps and the courage to enjoy every moment leading to our destination – where we celebrated a well-deserved cold one with other unshakeable individuals.

We faced the dust – and saw our purpose. In the midst of the barren landscape, it dawned upon us that everyone wanted to be in the presence of the Double Barrel.

We’ve travelled far and wide to proclaim our love and understanding of efficient bar services. That’s why we make sure we’re stocked up – just in case a few extra guests rocked up.

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